The challenge of the Fundación Paco Puerto

Fundación Paco Puerto is the training center of the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) of Catalonia (Spain) that promotes the professional qualification, advice and guidance of the workers.

With more than 30 years of experience in management and organizing training, the Fundación Paco Puerto is one of the most recognized entities in the sector, not only in the professional teaching profession but also in its technical specialization with a wide range of specialties; from computing and communications to health, electricity and electronics, among others.

In the area of technical specialization in computer science, Paco Puerto offered courses in office automation with certificate of use. The coordinator of training for Fundación Paco Puerto, Juan José Cantador, explains: “It is not the same thing, however well we do it, a certificate of training from the Fundación Paco Puerto in an Excel course than one that is accredited by Microsoft itself”.

“Our challenge was that our students achieve the highest qualification in order to achieve a greater development of their professional skills and also encourage their employability,” says Cantador.

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Solution implanted

At the end of 2012, the Fundación Paco Puerto began offering its students formal training and certification in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) with the collaboration of PUE, a technological company leader in the implementation and management of the academic programs of the leading manufacturers in the sector IT.

The vision of Fundación Paco Puerto in its bid to qualify its students together with the expertise of PUE in the management of academic programs and its strong strategic alliances with the leaders in technology, gave rise to a successful collaboration that lasts until today under a maximum of the Paco Puerto team: that their students are trained and officially certified. Specifically, in Microsoft technologies through the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification program.

“I remember that initially, in 2012 when we started, it was difficult to convince students, teachers and centres that the added value offered by the certification is an important issue,” explains Juan José Cantador.

“For PUE, the work carried out by the Fundación Paco Puerto with its students is key. We believe in the added value of official certification-oriented training as a safe bet for all professionals and that it also provides an increase in employment rates, “said Àngel García, PUE Academy Director in PUE.

PUE, as the exclusive distributor of Certiport in Spain, is accredited as the maximum and only representative of Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, EC-Council, Apple and Unity certifications throughout the Spanish territory. This condition places, therefore, PUE as the entity that manages, advises and offers support to the entire network of Authorized Certification Centers Certiport and Resellers.

“The values that PUE has given us go beyond being an official certification center in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), in addition to all the logistical support and also human, that we must emphasize: they are always willing to help you when you need it and bring you value” concludes Juan José Cantador.

Scope and results obtained


Since the beginning of the MOS training and certification program, the Fundación Paco Puerto has trained more than 6,500 students in MOS, of which more than 5,000 have officially certified obtaining a pass rate of the 80% of the exams.

Fundación Paco Puerto and PUE continue to collaborate in this year 2019 in order to promote official training and certification in the different fields of action in which they collaborate.

Contact details of PUE

icon-formInformation request mail pueacademy@pue.es
Barcelona Headquarters: 93 206 02 49
Madrid Headquarters: 91 162 06 69

Contact details of Fundación Paco Puerto

mail fppuerto@ccoo.cat
Barcelona Headquarters: 93 481 27 17


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