Confluent, the company behind the business distribution of Apache Kafka®, establishes a collaboration agreement with PUE which recognized as an official partner in consulting as a service integrator (Confluent Preferred Consulting & SI Partner), and also as official training partner (Confluent Training Partner) exclusive for Spain and Portugal.

What is Confluent?

Confluent Enterprise is the open source distribution for Apache Kafka®: an ideal solution for microservices-based environments. The set of basic tools, in combination with the streaming and API integrated connection, make it ideal for highly scalable microservice architectures.



In the center of Confluent Enterprise is Apache Kafka: a distributed streaming processing engine to create data distribution conduits and real-time transmission applications. An essential part of Kafka is a record that behaves, in many aspects, as a traditional messaging system. It is a technology based on intermediaries, which accepts messages and organizes them by subject. Any service can subscribe to a topic and listen to the messages sent. But as a distributed record, Kafka differs from a traditional messaging system by offering improved properties for scalability, availability and data retention.


The result of these two architecture elements is a linearly scalable cluster, both from the perspective of incoming data sets and those of the outgoing ones. This is often difficult to achieve with conventional message-based approaches.

Kafka also provides high availability. If one of the services fails, the environment detects the failure and redirects the fragments to another service, ensuring that the process is not interrupted by that failure. In addition, since Kafka offers data retention, in a very similar way to a database, users have the option to rewind and repeat as needed. This means that a service can search the record to read historical messages. This capability offers a powerful tool for both dealing with failures and implementing state regeneration patterns such as event provisioning.

PUE professional services as Confluent integrator

PUE has been accredited, since last year, to perform professional consulting and implementation services in the business field, already having several important references in the Spanish market.  For PUE, the objective is to offer integral solutions to their customers in management and data governance

Besides the Confluent platform administration support and integration services, PUE is authorized to resell Confluent Enterprise subscriptions.

With the Confluent technology incorporation, PUE offers to the Spanish market the best and the most innovative technologies around the Big Data ecosystem in order to provide integral solutions.

PUE, exclusive Confluent official training partner in Spain, Portugal and EMEA

Founded by the creators of Apache Kafka®, Confluent is in a unique position to create training and certification programs for Kafka users around the world. In Spain, PUE is recognized as the official Training Partner of Confluent, authorized to provide official training exclusively for Spain and Portugal, and in virtual modality for EMEA, offering courses in Spanish and English.

PUE offers companies and professionals, looking for different profiles and interests, training in the official 3-day courses:

1. Confluent Operations for Apache Kafka

Handson course for administrators. In this course you learn how to build and manage Kafka clusters, as well as the functions of the Confluent platform and the Control Center.

2. Confluent Developer Skills for Building Apache Kafka

Course where developers learn how to create an application that can publish data and subscribe to a Kafka cluster. In addition, the course allows to take on the role of Kafka for the data distribution, concepts analysis and Kafka architecture.

3. Confluent Stream Processing Using KSQL & Apache Kafka Streams

This course teaches how to use Confluent KSQL to transform, enrich, filter and add data flows in real time using a language similar to SQL. It also demonstrates how to use the Apache Kafka® Streams library to create streaming applications, as well as how to test, monitor, protect and scale those applications.  

4. Confluent Advanced Skills for Optimizing Apache

This course is designed for support engineers, system administrators, and operations staff responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning a Confluent Event Streaming Platform.

The courses taught in PUE prepare the student to obtain the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka® certification (CCDAK), the first certification program for Apache Kafka®.

Fulfilling the needs of its clients, PUE provide these courses in three modalities: in class at the Madrid facilities, Live Virtual Class and as Private Training for those companies that require specific conditions for their workers.

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PUE is a specialist in Big Data, DevOps and Cloud, leader in Spain. The main objective of PUE is always to offer its customers the best solutions with the latest technologies, provided by all its certified technicians experts in Administration, Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Development.

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